Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus loves you so much, that he died for you. You’ll never have to be perfect to feel as though you have to be. Your gifts were given to you without repentance. We were born into sin. Jesus is not RELIGION! Jesus is love. He waits for you to spend time with him and give him what he deserves. We owe him thanks and praise. Sometimes we choose to delight in earthly desires. Whether you spend time with him everyday or not, he still is so dedicated to you that he pays attention to everything that goes on in your day to day. Just think about it! You don’t even know how many times Jesus has saved you! He’s kept you in your everyday life. As you get in your car to go to work - HE’S COVERING YOU! As you go on your job - HE’S COVERING YOU! When the doctor report came back negative - HE COVERED YOU! When everyone wanted to give up on you - HE COVERED YOU! When you were in the world of sin - HE COVERED YOU! When everyone else didn’t make it in the family, yet you’ve been able to maintain - HE COVERED YOU! When you didn’t know where your next meal would come from, yet somehow you came across a little something - HE COVERED YOU! When you don’t know how you’re still here everyday - HE COVERED YOU! Jesus covers you, your kids, your parents, and anyone else that you call family. Know that there will be tests! Yet, your tests come to make you strong. Jesus overcame the world for us. To be apart of #TEAMJESUS  you’ve got to ride for him like he rides for us! Whether that means staying on that job that you hate so much because of the people there, being humble rather than prideful, managing your finances, taking care of your temple by working out, spending time with him uninterrupted, praying daily, or even just saying THANK YOU LORD! Trust and believe that you’ve got this! #makejesusyourbestfriend 


 “God remembered us when we were down, His love never quits. Rescued us from the trampling boot, His love never quits. Takes care of everyone in time of need. His love never quits. Thank God, who did it all! His love never quits!”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭136:23-26‬ ‭MSG‬‬